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Omsk humanitarian academy

November 29, 2016 at ADAM university was held a webinar on the topic of "Human resources management" by lecturer Oleg Yuryevich Patlasov, who is a professor, doctor of economic sciences, Vice-Rector of international activities, the head of the Department of Commerce, marketing and advertisement of Omsk humanitarian Academy. Undergraduates, graduate students and PhD students attended the lecture. Webinar Participants discussed new labor market trends and their impact to the economy of Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Upon completion of the webinar were discussed cult films of our countries, which reflected the culture and socio-economic development such as "Kurmanjan Datka-», «Urkun", "Ak keme", "The first teacher", etc.

International Department




On July, 2-3, 2015 National Academy of Management and Suan Sunandha Rajabat University of Bangkok, Thailand successfully held the 1st International Conference "ACE-2015: Local solutions for global challenges". More than 50 participants from 7 countries of the world took part in 6 separate topical panels. Here we would like to note particularly active role of Thai and Indonesian researchers, for which we are extremely thankful to all of them! Venue chosen for the event is also worth noting. All panels took place in fabulous Nong Nooch Park – Botanical Gardens of Pattaya, one of the best world green parks! We are remembering interesting topics and emotional discussions with a lot of good feeling. And are waiting impatiently for the text to be sent for further publication by all the authors! Many thanks for your interest – and see you again in the most interesting venues around our planet! APE Editorial Board.

Foto: Patlasov O. Yu.

Omsk humanitarian academy is one of the largest Omsk non-governmental HigherEducational Institutions.

At the initiative of the Presidium of the Omsk Department of Humanitarian Sciences and with the support of the Omsk region Administration on October 30, 1997, Omsk humanitarian University (since 2008 – Academy) was opened.

Today the Academy carries out Bachelor's, Master's and Post-graduate programs on a wide range of humanitarian directions on full-time, part-time and correspondence forms of studies. The school of Professional Development and Professional Retraining cooperates with managers and specialists of local governing institutions, specialists in the financial sphere, senior management of enterprises and organizations.

Educational process is provided with the highly qualified faculty staff, the computer center, the library, the publishing house, the employment assistance center, the distance education center, and the research laboratories.

Graduates of Academy work in all fields of activity, including at senior positions in the city of Omsk and the Omsk region.

The Schools of Philology, Economics, Political and Sociological Sciences have been formed since the existence of the Academy. In association with the France Embassy in Omsk the Academy inaugurated a research center. The Academy supports young scientists who defense the candidate's and doctoral dissertations, receive grants, participate in the international internships and conferences. Research activities on the priority courses in the humanitarian sphere are conducted with the assistance of Higher Education Institutions of the neighboring countries. The scientific magazine "Human Science: Humanitarian Researches" is included in the Index of scientific citation and the List of VAK magazines. The students who participate in the international and internal Russian contests, master classes, and round tables together with the teachers are being engaged in scientific activity.

OMGA is the only higher education institution of Omsk issuing the DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT.

The main principle of the Academy is «education throughout all life»!

We will be glad to see you in our Academy as our partners, guests, listeners or students!

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